An Idle Boy Completing Story- for class 3 to 12

An Idle Boy Completing Story- for class 3 to 12

Story on An Idle Boy Story

An Idle Boy Story: Kamal is an SSC examinee. He is not attentive to his lessons at all, especially to English because he is very weak in English. Moreover, he is too lazy. So, his preparation in English is not so good. A month before his examination, he managed a short suggestion from one of his friends. He began to memorize it without understanding anything. He somehow managed to finish the short suggestion, but he hardly had any basic knowledge about his books. On the day of the English examination, he went to the exam hall with a happy mood.

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After getting the question paper in hand, he became disappointed. None of the questions was common to him. He sat silently for sometimes and tried to write something by himself, but failed because he had no basic knowledge. Then he began to copy from other students’ scripts. The invigilator warned him several times not to disturb others. At one point, he found Kamal really disturbing for others and so he took away his papers and turned him out of the exam hall. With a heavy heart, Kamal came back home and he was really repentant for his idleness and insincerity.

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